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Trang chủ » Make money online with the app Pi Network easy earn $1000/month

Make money online with the app Pi Network easy earn $1000/month

Today I share how to make money online to help you more than $ 1,000 per month by installing mobile apps.
It’s true, I’m doing this job, Are you making money online at home? Making money online is in many ways, but a lot of risks and scams. So, I want to show you a real job that makes money without investing.
Make money online with the app Pi easy

You only need to take a little short time to download and activate apps every day.

And now you and I let together learn how to make money online prestige.

But before I learn how I want to remind you of what you really need:

– Perseverance is the core of success.

– Hard work helps you have a lot of money.

– Always waiting and not thinking ahead

Ok, have you heard the words “virtual money”, “digital money” bitcoin, eth?

That’s right, I want to talk about this issue today. But I will not guide you to make money with bitcoin, eth .. but will guide you to make money on Pi Network, this is a new digital currency similar to Bitcoin more than 10 years ago, however, it is different. completely different in value and resonance or cohesion between the community together as well as the technology to create Pi coins towards the technology of the future.

How is the Pi network created?

Pi was created in the cooperation of three races: Asians, Europeans, and Americans, who are all leading professors of prestigious universities in the world.

Why is Pi Network hot today?

For your understanding, I would like to compare with the Bitcoin currency 10 years ago,

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In the past, bitcoin was in the same direction of development as the current Pi. At that time you could exploit 4 5 pieces/day, its price is only $ 0, someone exchanged 10000BTC for a pizza, but over time the price of BTC has increased very high and very difficult to mine.

The same goes for Pi Network, its value is currently $ 0 and is growing to two-thirds of the phase, phase 3 Pi will be traded on exchanges and commodity exchanges, according to estimates will from $ 0.15 – $ 1000 / 1Pi. Recently according to the developer to 2021 Pi to the exchange will cost $ 126 / Pi.

In many places, typically China has been given away to allow Pi to buy products.

If you want to buy goods, the account must be verified (KYC).

The number of Pi exploits is declining with the number of users.

– 10 million will be halved currently at 0.29Pi / hour.

– This number will decrease gradually until you reach 1 billion people using the number of Pi every year only 1,000 units are released.

Now Pi has reached nearly 7 million downloads and exploits, your job is to download and install Pi Network to store Pi a lot before scarcity, and 2021 will sell.

The Pi mining is very easy with no time as well as no energy, no investment money to buy a mining PC like BTC.

Guide to dig Pi Network on phone in detail.

Step 1 Go to App Store or CH play, type “Pi network” and download the application to your phone

Or click on this download link for fast

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Step 2 Click on App Pi Network, then on “continue with the phone number”. Select “Vietnam +84” then enter your phone number, do not register with Facebook

Step 3 is your brother’s password (minimum 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 number)

Step 4 Enter first and last name (without sign) in “first name” and “last name”

Step 5 The “Choose username” field is your username without any accents (for example, full name).

Step 6 In the “invitation code” section, enter “thumeo199” and press submit.

Then go to the App and click on the thunder image and start digging, quickly, the difficulty is increasing.

If you want to dig quickly, add people to the group to dig with

Step 7 check the lightning sign (⚡) for automatic digging

Note: after 24h will automatically turn off I only spent 5s 10s into the app to mark the lightning sign (⚡) for digging only

Invite 1 more friend to get 25% to 29% of the original speed

100% Free All are free, so do you think you should join? Later, when you sell your Pi, you can try to do things that you could not do before with money …

Join this group for further assistance and update information on how to post and sell the latest Pi project:



How to verify your Pi Network account phone number simply

What is the harm of not authenticating a mobile phone number for an account? If your account is registered with a mobile phone number that is not authenticated. All Pi numbers you dig will be canceled after KYC

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– We Go to Menu (3 dashes in the upper left corner of APP PI)

– Select Profile

– Navigate to Phone Verification – Click on VERIFY

– You will see CODE code is 4 numbers, compose SMS text message is 4 numbers that send to either of these 2 numbers: +16508220314 or +44772347314. If not, then send that number.

– Make sure your number can send international SMS (It costs about 2500 VND only)

– After the message is finished, click I HAVE SENT THE TEXT, it will indicate success or not.

– If successful, go to Menu – Profile to see where Phone Verification has a green TICK mark.

Keep your money! Pi is free. All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member on the network. If you have an invitation you can download the mobile app below.

How to earn coins fast

If you want to earn coins quickly, we must have a security ring, after 3 days of downloading and registering to use the app, it will display the Security Key on the interface screen. Then you do the following:

In the match 3 tiles => Roles => Contrbutor => add new to dig with you or go to the above groups to ask the members to ask for your number to be saved to your name as +84 phone number you subtract 0, then add into the.

The higher the security circle, the faster the speed of digging and the greater your reputation (only after this 3 add is okay)

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